Retrieve data from excel and filter column

I have created excel doc and converted to .csv.Suppose there is column called score,I want to perform filter on it(say score>50) and retrieve it,but I am getting column name score not found error,eventhough I checked Include Column Name.
What should I do?

@Rashmi_Maliger There is syntax error

Try this once Assign = yourdatable.Select(“score>50”)

Refer attached file (2.2 KB)

Hi @indra,
I referred to your attached file. When i try to do it in my project. There is an error showing under for each row:
Value of type -1-dimensional array of System.Data.datarow’ cannot be converted to ‘’.
However my variabble types are filiteredRow is DataRow and dt is DataTable which is the same as your above attached file.

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system.datarow is the TypeArgument in for each. can you please check

Below video on data table filter

Below is about data table select

Both will help you