Data table extraction in loop

Hi ,
Problem statement : Verify the taxes for each products in the view cart page just before placing order in the e-commerce website !
There are about 150 items , automate process for each item
step1 :login
step 2:search item
step3 :checkout item
step 4:review order (where you data scrape all item value ,shipping,GST/HST, QST and total value and write to results sheet)
step 5: place order
step 6: logout
Iterate above process !

Ex table extracted in the loop

issue facing , in every loop it is over writing the previously extracted data or it is not extracting the table !
Please help
Thanks in Advance

Once written in excel, Use clear data table activity and try to append the data in excel by using the append range if collecting all data in single excel

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Hi @vishwanath_deshpande

Check If the Output excel is exist in the path

  1. Use If activity
System.IO.File.Exists("Your Excel file path")

Then → Use Append Range activity activity

Else → Write Range activity

  1. Use Clear DataTable activity end of the Loop.



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