Data Service Entities got deleted after reactivating Enterprise Trial license

I have renewed my Enterprise Trial License yesterday. I have noticed all my Data Service Entities are gone. Is this a know issue? How can I get my Entities back? Recreating those entities is a tedious task. I have lost all my records from those entities. Can someone please let me know if there is a feasible solution. Thank you

Hi @jamesjacobsydney - No, this should not happen and is not expected. Can you please provide some more details about the issue?

  • When did you last trial expire and when did you reenable it?
  • Did you account and tenant name remain the same between the trial expiry and renewal?
  • What is your account and tenant name?

Hi @jamesjacobsydney - We looked at our internal telemetry and think that you may have been affected by a corner case scenario.

When your trial expired, and then got reenabled, your data service instance was created in our JPN cluster instead of (being renabled) in our EU cluster (I am guessing you are in a region which is closer to JPN than EU).

We are going to work on this on Monday Pacific Time to get it redirected to the EU cluster.

Please don’t use data service meanwhile as we will not be able to migrate your new data.

Thanks @ankit.saraf for looking into this issue. My enterprise license expired yesterday (14/03/2021) I’ve renewed it after that. It took overnight to get the new one activated. In between I was using the Community edition. My account and tenant was there without any issue. My account name is James Jacob ( and tenant name is TS_01

Thanks @jamesjacobsydney, thanks for confirming the details.

As I said earlier, we have identified the issue on our end and will get your old instance for Data Service restored during Monday Pacific Time. Please don’t use the empty Data Service instance you have right now.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for reporting the issue.

Thanks @ankit.saraf I am preparing few demos for the next few days. I have created those entities manually now. Since you are aware of the issue, can you please leave as it is? Otherwise I may need to work on the integration side again. Please confirm

Sure @jamesjacobsydney, we will not change them back again. Thanks for your confirmation.

Thanks @ankit.saraf