Data Service Data Variations Missing In Test Cases In Studio

So if I add data to a test case in Studio I have a number of options. If I import from an Excel its pretty easy and I can run any line I want in Studio using ‘Run With Data Variations’ or ‘Debug With Data Variations’.
When I import the test cases in the Orchestrator these also become a separate test case that gets ran, which is great.

I can also attached data using the data service. This time however I cannot run or debug with data variations to test a specific row, infact I cannot even test all the rows, I am stuck with the default value that was added on first import, which is just a duplicated version of the first row.

Now when I add the tests to the Orchestrator it does work as above, but its quite a chore to need to publish your test cases to try debugging them.

I feel this is an oversight, can it be corrected?