Data Scraping work fast

I use DataScraping (DS) for read table on web-site.
And DS work very fast on site, the table has not loaded yet but DS worked and return 0 records (in table 7 or more records). If I use delay 3 sec - all work fine.
But how I can use DS without delay?
Use element exists on table not help. And WaitforReady too not help in different variants.


You can go to Extract Structured Data->In properties DelayBetweenPagesMS->specify you delay, check below

Hope this helps you


You can use on element appear activity.

In “Do” you can paste your data scraping code.

It will wait for the table to load first then it starts scraping.OnElementAppear

Hi! No, On element Appear not help.

ksrinu070184, I have only one page with data.