Data Scraping wizard

Web scraping wizard scrapes data beyond set values. please help. pictures below.

@LogicFlow- are you getting any error?

No i am not. it just keeps scrapping without stopping

while doing a data scraping - did you enable the page navigation (next button selection) ?
or only one page?

i enabled the next page button selection when the scraping wizard asked me to.

your search results might be a high volume and it will navigate to each page until it reach end.

for data verification in data scrapping - pls narrow down the search results (maybe 2/3 pages) and try

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Your search results are contained in 395 pages. May be that’s why it is still scraping.

i actually specified a 100 results in the wizard and in the properties field @the right side of the screen (options panel). i feel this is supposed to make it stop automatically

I tried that and it looks it’s extracting all the data for 365 pages even though I am giving 100 as max search result. @lakshman Can you help here?

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@LogicFlow @Ashish_Verma

Set MaxNumberOfResults field with 0 then it will read data from all pages.

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@lakshman he needs only 100 results and not all.
But the data scraping wizard is scrapping all 365 pages having 20 results on each page(365*20=7300).
He has specified that in MaxNumberOfResults as 100 but still uipath scrapes all the results(7300)

not sure what’s going wrong here.

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Here, 100 refers to how many number of rows needed from total scraped data and it will scrape all pages and will provide top 100 rows as output as he specified MaxNumberOfResults as 100.

If you don’t want to scrape all pages then scrape one by one page and merge all Data. You need to scrape 5 pages of data because each page contains 20 rows of data.


Got it!Much thanks :slight_smile: