Data Scraping With Regex grammar in XML

I found we cannot use regex and non-greedy search in “edit data definition” of data scraping.
When I added it to this , I get error about undecared prefix for “matching”. even though I re-edit the xml in activity’s property “ExtractMetedata”. Is that right?
I just add a “matching:class=“regex””, then get error after close it.

@loginerror Can we confirm this or if UiPath have plans to add in the future the same capabilities we now have for selectors to be included in Data Scraping activity?

@Gabrieltony that is correct, extract data with regex, is not supported as of now.
@bcorrea we plan a complete reshape of the scraping experience but is going to take few more months to make it right.


@Gabrieltony could you give it a try with 21.6-preview UIA Modern TableScraping and see if it’s working with the latest improvements? Thank you