Data Scraping with more than one page

I have problem with data scraping with more than one page.
First I goto web browser that contain many link like,

I have to click link by link that I want to save data to datatable.
I have problem that ,if link2 have many data it will display in the picture

But It’s not load the data with in the page.
What should I do?


Once you finish with data scraping, you will be prompted with below screen


You have to choose Yes and indicate the >> button

so that bot will click on that >> button once it finish scrapping with 1st page…>>…2nd page

like that

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@Supakinee_Navawong_na_ayu You can have 2 solution

  1. If link properties state is changing then wait for it to change.
  2. Wait for any particular column data to be replaced with other data
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Thank you for your anwers.