Scrape a web page and click in each link inside it


I had a web page of different lignes(with different url)

url 1 …
url 2…
url 3…
page <1 2 3… >,

i had used a on element appear, for page (ex 2), and inside it i scapped the web page but when running the next pâge appear but i reached a time out?!

if you are using a data scrapping wizard then you could use the data spanning on multiple pages option to scrap data upto n pages

if i do that for all the table, i can’t go througth the url in each line (the url does not contain a specefic id like in the advanced exercise).

so i used on element appear for next page: (>)

scrape eah page
loop throught the extracted datatable, and click on each line.
but every time there is a timout error when the robot is going to the next page.

try the properties such as wait visible = true in on element appear and wait for ready =interactive or complete

Thanx, i had found the solution!