Data Scraping in job portal



Hi all,

In a job portal i needs to scrap candidates details

for example : rpa developer

If i put rpa developer in search box i am getting more rpa developer one by one by one
now i needs to get each candidates details

suppose if i click one candidate it redirects to details page so i can scrap only single candidate

so how to scrap all candidates details


It’s unlikely you are going to be able to scrape their details from the search page.

Have you got an example of the page you are using to show us?


In page 1 i got 40 results now i needs to click first candidate image when it clicks it goes to another tab and there i needs to scrap details after that get back to second candidate and click image than it goes to new tab there again scarp details like this i needs to do for 40 results



or anyone

Help on this


Hi @indra,

Refer this post.
How to select/loop dynamic Elements