How to get data using Find Children

I am trying to get company names from the site I have tried web scraping but some of the company names are not displayed in this method. How do I use Find children activity to do this?

Have you tried Data Scraping?
I am getting full list of company name in datatable using datascraping.
I don’t know how to use find children for this, we can use find children if there’s a common parent of all the elements containing company name.

I need the Company Name, URL and Location. With data scraping not getting some of the company names. In above example, company ‘Dark’ which is between ‘Crosslend’ and ‘Deako’ is not seen when data scraping is used. Other method suggested was using find children. Since, I am new to RPA finding it difficult to get the correct selector. Someone please help me with this.

Increase DelayBetweenPagesMS and change MaxNumber to 0 properties of Data Scraping

Still facing the same issue. Attaching the output excel sheet VC_Scraping.xlsx (9.4 KB)


Please find attached workflow and check if it works for you. Company Name and URL is there but
I am facing difficulties in extracting Location from the full text scraped.
Main.xaml (13.3 KB)

Thank you Bharat. Could you please elaborate on how you did scraping?

I just used first element as Dark Company and next Company as the second element.
For the first column, indicated full element below the company image which contains Company Name, Location etc.
For the second URL column, indicated inner element of the company Name only and marked extract URL option.

Thank you Bharat. I was wondering how this can be done using Find Children just for learning purpose.