Data Scraping from Ebay to Excel

Hi guys,

I am trying to do a Data Scraping on Ebay.
What I have to do is research a dynamic number of items (from the orchestrator queue) one by one on ebay and get the first 10 items that appear. after that I need to write on an Excel file just the products names and the prices of those 10. The problem I am facing is that is writing on the Excel file for each of the 10 product all the details because i dont know how to get just the name and the price. plus it is writing the first 10 but just of the first item of the queue… while (in this case) I have 3 item… so it should write 30 products name with beside their price


It would help to see the structure of the scraped dt. Is it structured in a way that it can be parsed?

I was able to use properly the data scraping but there are some issues when scraping the price… it doesnt get all the prices and I dont know why… check the screen shot for a better understanding