Structure data scraping - How to scrape the scrolled down part of the page

Hi everyone,

I am new to UiPath, glad to meet everyone and excited to explore Automation!

I am having a problem when using Data scraping the the further down value, it seems that UiPath only scraped the data for the 1st page only, the second page, which need to be scrolled down i could not scrape. Is anyone know the solution for this? I am trying to scrape the movie name and score from Top Picks from

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Nguyen_Hung_Cuong_VN, welcome to UiPath community! Please check these links to see if they help. You can also try using Ctrl + F, and search for some text that is only found at the bottom of the screen, in order to go to the bottom:

Additionally, please use this package to scroll. I have used it myself and it works perfectly!:

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Thanks so much Kavita!

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You’re welcome!

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