Data Scraping extracting hidden information


I am trying to extract structured data from the web portal as in Image 1. But after scraping data using data scraping, some data from background is getting extracted it (refer Image 2) seems. how can I overcome this.

Image 1 :

Image 2:

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It might not be so elegant but I believe this can at least get your desired output.
For example your image 2 is still in a datatable, lets call it dtExtractedData, then you can do this:
For each row in dtExtracted data
row(intIndex)(“30 ar til pension”) = row(intIndex)(“30 ar til pension”).ToString.Replace(“30 ar til pension”,“”)
row(intIndex)(“15 ar til pension”) = row(intIndex)(“15 ar til pension”).ToString.Replace(“15 ar til pension”,“”)
row(intIndex)(“5 ar til pension”) = row(intIndex)(“5 ar til pension”).ToString.Replace(“5 ar til pension”,“”)
row(intIndex)(“5 ar efter pension”) = row(intIndex)(“5 ar efter pension”).ToString.Replace(“5 ar efter pension”,“”)
intIndex = intIndex + 1

Outside the For Loop, you do a write range of your dtExtractedData

Thanks for your response Ave Salvante Jr,

That workaround we have… I was looking for something easy and short
because I have lots of tables like that which we have to extract.
Isn’t there any way to do this in Data Scraping window itself.

I am not sure where this data is getting added from.