Data map on UiPath

Is there a component similar to the datatable that allows me to edit the value of a column?
I want to have something like a data map, where I can edit the “value” and get it through the “key”
The datatable forces me to update the whole record, but That is what I don´t need.

Best regards.


I don’t know if I understand your question.
Is it because you are trying to update a value based on a certain value in the first column?

You should look into Dictionaries. Dictionary will store each value into like a data map where you can access it through a key. This can be used in UiPath through Assigning/Initializing the dictionary then storing values to it, and there are many examples on these forums or online.

You can still use a Data Table in the same way, however, because you can filter to the row based on your keyword (utilizing coding) then Assign a value to that row.

So those are a few thoughts on it.



Hello ClaytonM,

perfect, the activity of the dictionary is just what I need.

Thank you.