How to use Switch Activity in uipath

I have two data tables. I wants to create a new datatable based on those two data table values & give score based that by using switch activity.
I attached sample excel sheet. Can anyone help me to build this workflow
Output.xlsx (11.7 KB)

@supermanPunch @Sudharsan_Ka @Anil_G can you help me to build this?

have a check if the switch usage can be replaced by a lookup dictionary.
So while updating / composing the rows you can use the number and get back the wording e.g.

dictLKRatings(5) will return: Excellent

@ppr I didnt understood, can you elaborate bit more

As far we understood you asked for using a switch to map numbers to Rating strings, right?

yes thats right

so the feedback was about:

  • create a dictionary with key=number, value=Rating string - dictLKRating
  • loop over the rows / columns
  • use the retrieved number from the column vals as key, retrieve the rating string and update the column value with it

Note: Exellent= 5, Above Av= 4, Average =3, Below AVG= 2, Unsatisfactory =1, NA =0
Can you help me to write syntax for switch activity
@ppr @Sudharsan_Ka @supermanPunch @Anil_G

It can go in this direction:

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can you share this workflow

I solved this by if else activity & now its working

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