Data Manipulation - Practice 2 Lists & DateTimes (Compiler Error )

Implicit conversion from Object to String Dissallowed… What does that even mean?

S.O.S I’m at the end of my wits. I don’t understand what I’ve doing wrong. Researched for hours and still can’t see it. Practice 2 Lists and DateTime Compillor Error

If you have a variable of type Object, you have to explicity append .ToString to the end of it to convert it to a string. The reason it’s not allowed to add an object to part of a string is that the object could be converted to various types, and UiPath doesn’t know which one you want.

Thank you @Anthony_Humphries… I’m within an assign statement and I’ve even compared my code to that of the solution and they are identical but my still get an error.

There is likely a variable within your assign statement that’s set to the wrong type. Check the types of each variable used in the assign statement.

@Sugarballx2 Have you uploaded an Image in the first post? The Image appears to be very small, cannot really look into it :sweat_smile: