Data manipulation in excel

I have an excel having two sheet- sheet1 and sheet2. Sheet 1 is input data and sheet2 output data.Sheet1 has a value as 001 but when I am putting it into sheet to it becomes 1. But I want 001 in Sheet 2 as well.

Please help

Hi @Amrita
are you going to use cells in Sheet 2 in some mathematical calculations after that ?
Because once you input your numbers into it excel automatically interpret them as numbers and put them in a number format.
so If you want to keep zeros before a number you should change the format in sheet2 to enforce your desired display format.

yes, so i have around 60 columns in sheet1 , and want to copy all columns in sheet2.

okay a quick fix for this will be to format the columns that you want from excel.

Using the custom formating you can keep the number format of the numbers and also get the desired format.

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