Data Manager - Multi Line checkbox for column fields

Hi guys,

We’re doing some Data Labeling on invoice type documents.

We are facing an issue with a template we are using. The “Product Name” column sometimes contains values that are written in 2 lines, but still belonging to the same line of the invoices.

Unfortunately, the data manager creates 2 lines for it, which is not correct.

Do you have any idea how we could work around this? I know there used to be a “Multi Line” checkbox for columns, but now I cannot find it anymore.


Appreciate your help!
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Hi @raf667 ,

We would require to Label/Mark the Entire row as a Single Row by Specifying the fields of the row. This can be done by clicking on the / character after marking the contents of a Single row.

Below is the Documentation :

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Thanks alot @supermanPunch!

Highlighting the entire row then pressing “/” works!

On the downside, we are working with invoices that have 10-15 pages with 30-50 rows on each page, so I guess we’re going to spend some quality time in the Data Manager interface :cry:

Anyway, thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated!

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