Data from 'get text' not coming next to the link i have running


I have read the data in each cell from a particular column in excel and searched in the web and retrieved the required information using get text and now i want them to be fed in to the same excel in a different column. i have use write Cell activity to capture the data in column C. However, data from get text not coming next to the link i have running. Please help.

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kindly check once whether GET TEXT ACTIVITY is giving out output
for that use a write line activity and pass the output variable of GET TEXT activity as input here, so that we could see in the output panel whether it has any value or not

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Thanks for the reply, i have checked just now, i can see the GET Text value in out panel

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so we would be able to assign them to the excel either with
–a for each row loop and passing the datatable obtained from read range as input
–inside the loop use a assign activity and mention like this
row(“yourcolumnname”) = gettextvariable.ToString


we can use WRITE CELL activity and pass the gettext variable as input

Cheers @ViVerma

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i am using the Write Cell activity and pass the GET TEXT variable as input.
“C2” + Counter.ToString as range then used Assign activity for Counter + 1 to Counter variable (Int32).
Now problem is i am not getting the output against the URL i am running e.g. URL in column B and i want GET TEXT result in column C in same row.

I have verified the GET TEXT out put through ‘Message Box’

Main.xaml (18.5 KB)
@Palaniyappan please see my work flow

Can anyone help me on this.

Ok so you must first do something like this first:
(the errors are just becouse i dont create variables was just so you can see

Atention: Just exmple

Then write the output to where you whant

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@Luis261980, i am new in uipath, it would be great help u made the changes in my workflow and share.

Thanks in advance !! :slight_smile:

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@Luis261980 did u get the chance to see my work flow

Sry i dint but, have no time, but i wil try to help you now.

What you have wrong?
1- “C2” + Counter.ToString
1- “C”+ Counter.ToString =0


But if you what to start in C2 and not in C1 you must have :

You will get your counter =1 + you assing =1
Result = 2

@Luis261980, thanks for the reply…

Still i am not getting the data as against the URL i have been opening. see pls see attached file.Amazon_Return.xlsx (32.5 KB)

The information you are geting its not ok

To get your link you must

in type into or navigate to use”+YourStringRow2

See first how links are done

If you see in my attached workflow (above) i have already used as a prefix.

See thats the point you cant use just that from the link you get you must replce part of the link you get