Data Extraction from web data grid inside citrix environment

Hi Team,

Please advise on how to extract a data from data grid of web page which resides inside Citrix environment.

Scenario :
From Citrix , open a webpage and search for a user account using a keyword.The values will be populated in table format,extract the populated values to an excel without changing the table structure.
Thanks in advance.


In citirx, you can extract the data using Hot keys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+A) and get the data using Copy Selected Text, Get From Clipboard and export it to excel.

Thanks for your reply.
I have developed a xaml with following steps

  1. Login to Citrix environment
  2. After Logging used Open browser to login to a portal
  3. Inside portal , used type into activity to search for username and click activity to search
  4. Once values get populates, used send hotkey to copy and paste the values into a excel sheet which resides outside environment.
  5. Used Read Range activity to read the excel sheet and store as datatable.
  6. Used Assign activity and wrote sql query to filter n number of rows .
  7. For each row , i am trying to add those row into another datatable.

But when i try running the xaml , uipath keeps on throwing an error “UiPath has stopped working” .

Hi @Yogapriya,

May I know which version of UiPath studio you are using and can you update the xaml here?


Hi Vikas,

I am using UiPath studio v2016.1.5942. When i run my project in debug mode it stops responding , the same happens after running the xaml in Run Mode.
UiPath is getting crashed often and it is taking lots of time while opening the xaml too.

My process is 32 bit process with 4GB RAM.

TaskList Portal.xaml (129.2 KB)
DataFilter_TaskListPortal.xaml (29.7 KB)