Data Extraction From Purchase Order

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Kindly let me know the possible ways of extracting specific data from Purchase Order which contains both tabular and normal data. A single workflow should be able to address different formats of any Purchase Order, do not want a different workflow for every new format of Purchase Order. Can you please suggest a universal way to address this problem?
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Can you please share a screenshot so I can help you better?


hi…!which screenshot shall i share?

The screenshot of data from where you want to extract data.

042_YUKEN_INDIA_LTD…pdf (85.3 KB) 20002331.pdf (8.0 KB) 4200004279 YukenIndia.pdf (482.2 KB) New Purchase Order Printout - 4509771657.pdf (45.5 KB) p-0666 (yuken).pdf (22.3 KB) Purchase_Order_20045915.pdf (100.9 KB) PurcOrder_568.pdf (7.5 KB) YIL PO 4500003160.pdf (37.2 KB)

I have uploaded the pdfs.


You can process the PDFs using UiPath Document Understanding or simply read the PDF and use regex to extract fields.

Try this and let me know if you are facing any issues.

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Document understanding is available for upto 2 page pdfs in the community edition, right?


Thought of sharing these two videos might give you a better idea.
for Text Extraction

For Table Data in PDF


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Thanks…let me get through them, and will get back if there is any problem.

Thanks Elliane but I want to extract only specific datas like PO NUMBER, DATE, VENDOR NAME etc and the tabular data.