Data Encryption In Queue

I need some help regarding data encryption in queue.

There is one customer requirement that queue data should be encrypted/secured as they will store personal information.

I have tried using secure string. Its working for add queue item (I mean while adding to queue its saving as secure string) But when I retrieving data using get transaction item its not converting from secure string to normal string.

Can you plz share some approach here.


@jayashree, Have you tried this ?

How to use Type Secure Text - #4 by aksh1yadav

Dominic :slight_smile:

Yes…I have tried …I am able to encrypt using secure string but not able to decrypt (from secure string to string.)

@jayashree, What error are you getting ? May I know how do you encrypt ?

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I am using secure string while adding to queue.
SecureString StrEmpName=New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty,empName).SecurePassword
And after using GetTransaction Data
String empName=TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“EmpName”)

String strEmpName=New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty,empName).Password

But I am not getting the actual value .The output which I am getting isSystem.Security.SecureString.


@jayashree, Have you checked how its getting queued in orchestrator ?

→ I get an errorcouldn’t determine JSON Object type for” while adding it as a secure string.
→ Then tried converting it to a JSON am getting only length of my secure string after adding in queue.

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I get an error “couldn’t determine JSON Object type for” while adding it as a secure string

For this while adding to queue in item collection send the value as “secure_stringEmpID.ToString”

@jayashree, From my understanding when u convert it to string and add, it takes the datatype as value. i.e System.Security.SecureString is the value here.
Because I got 28 as length of the output from get Transaction Item.

WorkAround: Refer Encrypt and Decrypt Using Class section from the below link (if needed),

Encrypt and Decrypt Using Class

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@jayashree hi, were you able to solve the problem, can you share? Thx!

Anyone got a solution for this?

Try this