CyberArk Integration using the UiPath Go! CyberArk activity


I am having trouble getting the “Get CyberArk Password” from UiPath Go! to work.

The activity can be found here:

I am not looking to use an Orchestrator integration like a lot of posts seem to be, I just want to use a workflow to grab a password from a given safe.

Here is a screenshot of the properties panel, followed by the error I get upon running the workflow.

Hopefully this is a simple error that will have a quick fix. Thanks in advance for the help!


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My knowledge is limited when it comes to Cyberark mainly because it is proprietary for clients in need of storing credentials and other sensitive data that can be used in real-time bot run.

You might need to have a license to actually use that integration.

Do you have a license? Or are you just exploring?

Yes, I have a license. My company works with CyberArk and we are just now exploring UiPath integration. So I don’t believe that would be the problem

@b.portland Where you able to figure this out? I also just started working with the Get CyberArk Password and encountered the same error that you have.


Do we have any update?

there is cyber ark utility you need to install on robot machine that how communication happens and will work in that way