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I’m having trouble running any kind of cv click activity in unattended mode, any suggestions? I’ve tried the simplest thing like this
open browser to
cv screen scope
cv type into the search bar
cv click search

The only thing that works unattended orchestrator is the open browser, the cv functions aren’t working.

same issue here. I have windows app with CV
works while RDP active, does not work when bot kicked off from orchestrator and RDP is not active watching

Same here Is there any solution for this


for anyone reproducing this, please try the following:

  • make sure the robot is installed as a Service on the machines where the CV automations will run.

  • make sure that in the Orchestrator Robot Settings you connect to the machine on which you’re using CV with a pre-determined resolution, ideally the one used at design time, for example width 1920, height 1080 and 32 for the bit depth.
    Once you set a resolution for the robot connection, make sure to restart that machine if current Orchestrator sessions are already taking place (changes take effect after robot session restart).

  • optional step if not already set: LoginToConsole should be set to value “No”. This will ensure the type of session is RDP as we need interface to capture images with CV.

Some good reading resources here:

If you still encounter issues please provide the following:

  • UIAutomation package version in use
  • the error message received when CV is failing
  • from the machine that fails the execution, the Computer Vision log located inside:

Thank you


CC @Ashok98 @Rayudu_Addagarla @Adeel_Ahmed

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From 2021.8 version onwards, you can easily install the Robot as a Service by following the steps shown here: UiPath Community 2021.8 Preview Release