Customize or disable Orchestrator login options

I need to know how to customize or disable some option on the Orchestrator Login Page. Our company, for security restrictions, does not allow “Reset password option” and “Remember me”. I was looking for disable those option through web.config file but I did not found any option. I tried to change document at UiPathOrchestrator\src\app\main\pages\auth but it does not work.
Any help would be appreciated.
P.D: Orchestrator version 2018.2 licensed.


@Juan_Felipe_Carvajal how did you try to modify the document? Which tag did you apply the change to?

I haven’t gotten a chance to try this on the server yet, but modifying the HTML for the mat-checkbox-10-input to include a disabled tag in Chrome did the trick for me (for my one instance of the loaded page). Making the same change to the page on the server might solve your issue.

Updated input tag:

<input class="mat-checkbox-input cdk-visually-hidden" type="checkbox" id="mat-checkbox-10-input" tabindex="0" aria-label="" aria-checked="false" disabled="">

i’ve got the same issue. I deleted checkbox in source code. It works when I open page locally but doesn’t work while it’s open from IIS (I’ve restarted IIS).

Hi, how did you solve this? We have similar security requirement, cant find anything in documentation.

For security reasons we have enabled SSO via Azure AD. Is there a away to fully disable the uiPathApp login part of the page?

Also, I’m a bit worried about customizing and maintaining a product web page. Would love to see this as a feature instead.

Version: 2020.10.7

Edit: I can’t find “” anymore