Customer in multiple regions wants to use the relevant currency in each country

My customer is about to start using Automation Hub, based in London. However, they have a large department based in the US. The US team will be submitting ideas for the attention of the London COE, but would like to see their costs/benefits reflected in US Dollars. The UK Team wants to continue to see their ideas in UK Pounds as is currently the case. What’s the best way to meet this need?


Hi Francis! Let me clarify your question. People from the same department want to assess the same automation ideas in different measure units, correct?

I guess it’s can’t be achieved in AH as an account owner defines currency for the whole AH service. Just in case, here is the guide: How To Setup Currency In "Cost Setup" Page In Automation Hub?

Not quite. Two departments. One is in London; the other is in New York. The COE is based in London. All AH ideas to date are presented in UK£. They’re now starting to work with the New York team and would like to capture THEIR ideas in AH as well. However, in the case of NY-based ideas, they want to present the currency in US$.

Hey @francis.donohue1 ,

The only way this is possible right now is to have 2 separate cost setups on different tenants. This entails that you have Automation Hub on 2 tenants:

  • One for UK
  • One for US

We usually recommend this setup when you have inside the same company 2 CoEs, that are mature enough to have their own setup/users, etc. The downside of this setup is that you won’t be able to achieve central reporting, as ideas will reside in 2 different tenants.

Let me know if the above makes sense.