Custom Merging Excel Rows

Good afternoon everyone,

I currently have an excel spreadsheet that looks like the following. Basically one record in multiple rows that I need to custom merge:

I would like to merge it to look like this

Basically if you notice, certain columns like ID300 column , I would simply want to pipe delimit all of the results into one cell. On the other hand, certain other type of columns like ns1:Type1 I would like to split into N number of columns depending on how many value(s) it has (for example this one has 2 non-empty values so we would add ns1:Type1 (Soc) and ns1:Type1(ID), and the value from each of the columns would be from ns1:Num1231.

For example ns1:Type1 (Soc) would have 123654 and ns1:Type1 ID would have 954785. How can I achieve this complex merging?

use my sequence
test11.xaml (22.2 KB)

merge.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Input sheet (**sheet1 **)

Result (result sheet

Hi - thank you for this file. I am missing a package that I can’t seem to resolve and UiPath is not giving me which one is missing. Do you know which package corresponds to this missing activity?


these are my versions , is it the same for you?


if its still not working, tell me what version is your uipath.excel.activities ,and uipath.system.activities, . I will downgrade my version to yours and send you the xaml again

I think I got it to work. Looking over it to make sure that I understand it.

do you think that I could scale this to 171K rows?

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