How to merge row n with row n+1 or string n with string n+1

I have datatable appended to a csv file. My intention is to do a merge with row n with row n+1 .

One solution found is with : MergeNonEmptyValues_RowNWithNextRow.xaml (9.3 KB)

I don’t know why merge is not working, some rows are deleted , some are multiple time and so not correct.

Do you have any idea how to merge rows n with n+1 or maybe string n with string n+1 and this string to add in new datatable.

can you share your csv file along with some details on the rules on how the merge should be organized. Thanks

this is how i would like to have to merge result : 1) First to add column header Beleg,Number
2) Second
To merge like in picture populate_all_data_after_merge
3) this merge result i want to read csv file, each row as string and to post only if exist second value ( in picture for example only row 3 as 2 values) : like below

{“Beleg”:“G26553” ,“Number”:“1034166003255593902761”}

populate_all_data.txt (97 Bytes)


So this is the final result you want? Or you want the output to be a CSV file?

Also, in row 4-5 in the first excel, why did you join two values from two different rows?

i want string i represented…but to go there i thought to manupulate the csv

find starter Help here:
MergeNonEmptyValues_RowNWithNextRow_G2.xaml (16.3 KB)

Merge Logic was reusable as implemented in the other topic

hey check out this logic… its working as per your requirementmergeValues.xaml (17.6 KB)

thank you very much Peter

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