Custom Library not working in Windows Target Framework


We have a custom library where we make APIs call and extract the response in JSON format. It was working as expected in Legacy Framework but after converting it to Windows Framework (both project & Library) we are getting error from it. It is working fine if we run the library independently and also if we copy the xaml from library to project. But when we call the library from project we are getting the below error.

Please tell if are missing anything in this.

@Palaniyappan @loginerror Any idea about this one?

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To resolve the error when calling a custom library from a project in UiPath Windows Framework, try re-importing the library and check for any compatibility issues with the new framework, ensuring that all dependencies are properly managed.


Make sure that the library is compatible with the version of UiPath that you are using.
You can check the compatibility of the library in the library’s NuGet package.

Check this thread for more discussion on this and a solution as well

Troubleshooting steps

Hope this helps

Cheers @raghavbidani