Gsuite Application Scope Properties (what to input?)

I am trying to read data from Google sheets and I have a normal personal google account.

So my question is where do I find the values to put into each of these properties, because I have no clue what any of them mean and can’t seem to find a source that explains both of these questions I have (where to find, and what they mean). And which of them are required, and which are not?:


Also, is it possible to change the color of a cell or row in google spreadsheet. I know that I can probably download the sheet, change the color on excel, then re upload it. But is there a faster way?

Did this document help you

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This answers what they do, now how or where do I find this information?

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Hi Sami, did you get to the bottom of this? I’m trying to find the same information and it’s driving me crazy.

@JS001 and @Sami_Syed,

I dont know if Sami was abble to find the answer but here is how i do:

  1. You need to go into GCP (Google Cloud Plataforms), create a new project and activate Sheets API. In this step you also need to download the public key as JSON.

  2. In the Gsuite Scope activity you need to do the following:
    a. AuthenticationType = ServiceAccountKey
    b. KeyPath = Path to JSON file os public key that you downloaded
    c. KeyType = JSON
    d. Password = Gmail Password
    e. ServiceAccountEmail = Search inside the JSON file for the key “client_email”
    f. UserEmail = User email

For Scope you will only need this. For other activities you will need the SheetID, that can be found in the URL of sheet, usually is the string after /d/ and before /edit.

For more infos on how to create a Sheets API you could look into GCP documentation.

Hope this help.