Custom dynamic forms with workflow /wizard like

HI All,

1.We need to create metadata driven architecture where Metadata is nothing but UI layout .i.e Form layout consisting of Form and Controls which needs to be stored in a database. And UI will be generated from this metadata dynamically and will be rendered on browser. an example will be ebay or amazon seller interface where actual fields on form change based on the category you are adding an item to.

  1. we also want to be able to define a sequence for form like a wizard …example : step1 form.---->.step2form …

  2. also i want this to work in mobile and desktop both

can UIpath do this ? what product exactly ? is there a out of box solution for this ? otherwise i have to build a custom solution.


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Hey @kharesiddharth

I’m actually not sure whether you are talking about UiPath Forms ?

But looks this can be achieved better with,

1. UiPath Apps

  • A low code platform to build web pages and dashboards

  • Backend will be managed by RPA

2. Custom Input

  • Activity to use if we need to build custom Input forms using HTML, CSS, JS

  • Lot more flexible and easy to replicate the functions from web

Hope this helps