UiPath Activity Creator - Package Misses Dependencies

So I followed the tutorials for activity creator and it works but I get some problems when I make something more advanced.

I’ll explain a hypothetical scenario and go from there to demonstrate the issue.

Lets say I am building activities that use the ‘Microsoft.Exchange.Webservices’ nuget package.
It seems to run fine provided all the activities I use have properties which are basic types (string, boolean, integer etc).
If I then create a property which has a type referenced in ‘Microsoft.Exchange.Webservices’ such as ’
Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.Item’ I can compile and make a nuget package however I run into an issue when I try to use that activity in either UiPath or a test console application, both return an error saying they cannot find the referenced assembly.

Now I have been able to hack way around this by manually editing the .nupkg file so that it includes the Exchange .dlls and this resolves the error but this is not the correct solution.

How do I update the project so it correctly realises the dependencies and includes them in the nuget package so that UiPath doesn’t error?


We can add information for package dependency to nupkg file using NuGetPackageExplorer as the following.

Edit - Edit Metadata - Edit Dependencies (button) - Package Dependency Editor

Hope this helps you.


Yeah, thats basically how I have been doing it, but it feels like I should be able to set up the project correctly in Visual Studio so that the package is correct when its published rather than editing it afterwards using that tool don’t you think?

Ok, so for anyone look at this in the future. In order to add a Package Dependency without messing around with the nuget package after you have published (as that isn’t a very good solution), the trick is to not only add a reference to the nuget package in the ‘CompanyName.Grouping.Activities’ project which will likely be the one needing the dependencies, but also adding it to ‘CompanyName.Grouping.Designer’, this is the project that gets published into a nuget package so the dependencies added here are what pull through to the final package. Do this and your package builds correctly from the get go.

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