Custom Activity Dynamic Dropdown

i want to create dynamic dropdown list in custom activity. like queue name parameter in below.
Is it possible?


You can create a drop down…

go to activity…right click on the activity xaml and select activity layout and then select the argument

there you can select dropdown and give the values


clearly my purpose is get orchestrator process names in activity dropdown. so i need a create orchestrator web api request code block in activity source code. is that possible in this way?

for a custom (coded) activity in the past using an enum was one approach

When it is about custom activities then for windows projects the aprroach described by @Anil_G is one option. Kindly note: as the feature was added, removed, readded in the past it is not offeren at each UiPath Studio version 22.10.X

Well, can i fill in the dropdown values from variable on studio as dynamically?


As of now it does not support variables though


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