Custom Activity - Displaying Input Parameters/Arguments


Can anyone help me how to display all input parameters in a Custom Activity in the desired order rather than UiPaths’ default alphabetical order ?

For Example:

Created three input params and need to be displayed like as follows,

  1. ID
  2. Name
  3. Age

instead its been displayed as (Alphabetical Order),

  1. Age
  2. ID
  3. Name

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Dominic Arul Collins V


@599712 You can pass the Input Parameters / Arguments as per your requirements.
You can use concatenation for the same.

@bkarlekar, Sorry, I didn’t get you what you have told :confused:

My requirement is that the order in which I create/initialise input parameters in custom activity in Visual Studio is not being displayed in the tool [UiPath] in the same order. The order gets changed alphabetically !


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Hey @599712

Not sure and might not aware if there is metadata attribute exist to show them in a sequence expect Alphabetically.
If someone know then lets see.

But for now you can make category to show them like that.

[Description("Enter ID")]
public InArgument<Int> ID { get; set; }

[Description("Enter Name")]
public InArgument<string> Name { get; set; }

[Description("Enter Age")]
public InArgument<Int> Age { get; set; }

So this will show like:


ID - Enter ID
Name - Enter Name


Age - Enter Age


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