Custom Activity with Custom Input and Custom Output

I have create my custom activity which have custom class object as an input parameter and custom object for output, how do i pass value specific to property of my custom input class and get value from custom output object instance


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Sorry I didn’t get you and could you please tell more details.

After creating custom Activity and imported that package into Uipath studio or not ?

And also check below thread for your reference.

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I am able to get property of my custom class by first creating instance (new additionCustomActivity.Employee) and then get my property.
One problem currently i have i am not able to call constructor for my custom activity so that i can pass my property value during instantiating my object.

I commented that code snippet. Please share your comment

public class Employee
    //public Employee(int id, decimal salary)
    //    this.Id = id;
    //    this.Salary = salary;

    public int Id { get; set; }
    public decimal Salary { get; set; }

Hi @nkumar1

You could go over the activities which are open sourced to see how it’s done there :slight_smile: