Current year


I have assigned chkYr as an Int32 variable to check for the current year. It’s value is set to DateTime.Now.Year.

For testing I am outputting it via a message box (chkYr.ToString) activity but the output shows 0.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Hi @rojem

Can you show me a screenshot of your workflow and how you have assigned these values?



What condition you put in Flow decision activity.

Just print this expression using Message box activity and it will print current year.


@rojem I just tried and it works fine. The same as above.
Please check which flow and which message box is getting executed.May be the flow is going to TRUE case and executing other message box?

I hope chkYear.ToString is getting displayed instead of chkYr.ToString
That’s why
We need to validate the condition mentioned in the FLOW DECISION
cheers @rojem