CSV files Merge Week wise

Can anyone pls help?
I am downloading .csv data files through browser and storing day wise data file ( example : Sprint_Ext_Alrm_2020_12_21.csv). Now I need to merge only seven days (week wise) data by reading seven days csv files from all files of the location where I need help.

Files are as below:






I need to merge week wise data.


Hi @Arefin

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Do u need to append all data in single excel weekwise?

Yes I need to merge all data to a new csv file (Creating a new file).


@Arefin - I will try this over the weekend and will share the output, if I get some luck.

Thanks Prasath Dada.

I will be waiting.

Best Regards

@Arefin - Please check this Merge_CSV.zip (37.6 KB)

Input Files: image

Merged Output:
image … 7 files have been merged ignoring 24th and 25th…

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Dear Prasath Dada,
Yes It is working. Thanks for your cooperation & Support. It provides week wise merged data.

Just to add, when we put other format data (different name & different date format, it also merged all data. and when we keep same format data, it works. Any way, we are ignoring those files.

Thanks One more Time, Hope we will get same support from you in future.

Best Regards

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@Arefin - glad it worked. If you could explain above cases I would add those criteria in the workflow and share it with you .

Because I assumed that you won’t keep any other files in that folder. (I.e different name and different date format)

Or…you can read the file and add that condition by yourself (give it a try)…

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