Cross reference Error or something else , help!

Hi all, I am trying to cross reference from one excel file ( A) to check if it exist in another excel file ( B) .
If it exist then I an using a condition to get the value next to the matched column.

I have used this same if /else workflow for another cross reference , It works perfectly, but just for this it is giving me error.
Here is the screenshot of the error. I have checked online but didn’t get much help.

Can you paste your if condition?

Her you go. :slight_smile:

Just a guess, since you are using Convert.ToString and your error contains index -1 (which is null). I think it is actually could be including the null values as well.

Try replacing it with row(“ShipTo”).ToString



I just tried that but it still is giving me the same error, Thing is I have used this same code for other cross reference where the excel file is not different at all, but only in this workflow I am getting this error.
I tried re writing the whole workflow thinking , there is some kind of bug but again same error.

Thank you