Credential Store Plugin: How to setup Thycotic Connector

Connector for Thycotic

We need to connect UiPath (v2019.10) to Thycotic in order to fulfil our security and password management requirements.

The connector must allow for two types of password retrievals:

  • AD passwords of the robots
  • Other passwords (for applications without single sign on)

Based on the following sources, we want to build a connector.

Can anyone share details on how this has to be implemented specifically?

Thank you in advance for your help!

I’m not sure on what additional information you are asking the community for? Without going too in depth in reading over those repositories at first glance it appears like both sources provide you the overview to build your own provider.

Thycotic is already providing you a pre-built dll file showing in beta and the ReadMe shows how it would be used.

On the UiPath documentation, it tells you where to place the configuration and which configuration file to update. The rest of the README outside of the deployment section just appears to be guiding you on if you wanted to write your own Credential Store Provider/Plugin

I would suggest reaching out to Thycotic for more in depth details if what they provided is not sufficient to follow.

Hi @codemonkee

thanks for your reply. I installed the beta version and I am trying it out. If I now try to create a Credential Asset in the Orchestrator, I am able to choose between Orchestrator DB and Thycotic. Unfortunately if I choose Thycotic to create a Credential Asset:
-I don’t have the option to insert Username and Password
-I get an error message as I try to retrieve this asset with Get Credential Activity.

Any insights on how I should tackle this?
Kind regards,

I’m not currently familiar with creating a Credential Store Plugin for Orchestrator. I hope you’ve found a solution since we last spoke, if not I would suggest reaching out to Thycotic to see if they offer support for their Plugin and possible UiPath Support if they are unable to help.