Thycotic Secret Server Integration

We have a customer who wants to be able to use Thycotic Secret Server as part of their automation and needs to know if a) their is an integration in place for this product and b) is there any documentation that explains how to effectively complete the integration of Thycotic and UiPath. Thank you.

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Is any of the topics here helping at least a little bit?

My main question would be - do you want to automate something specific or is it about using that software as a credential manager in Orchestrator (similar to how CyberArk is used)?


The customer wants to use as a Credential Manager in Orchestrator, similar to CyberArk. Thank you.

We have an article on custom credential store plugins here:

Is it of sufficient help? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the info, it is helpful, but can you tell me/do you know, if Thycotic has a plug-n that can be used in Orchestrator? I believe the answer is yes but I would prefer to get confirmation from the experts. :slight_smile:

@michaelj9462, no Thycotic plug-in has been created yet on the UiPath platform, but one can be built as a credential plugin (See the link posted by @loginerror).