Creation of Json string using entries of Excel Sheet

Hi. I have a use case to pass a Json string through REST Api. The JSON string is to be constructed using column name as Key and respective rows as values from an excel sheet. I have extracted the required info from the excel sheet but facing problem in construction a valid json as the json is being created using variables obtained from excel data.
For e.g: {
“attributes” : {
“Name” : “NewLion”,
“extrude” : 8123,
“visibility” : 634
I’ve tried using:(please refer to attached image)

But, I’m getting invalid Json error.
Please help!

You are missing some double quotes :
Try this
“{”“attributes”":""{"“Name”":" & Name.tostring & “,” & “extrude” & “:” & extrude.tostring & “}”"}"

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Hi Hareesh,

When I apply same method to my Project. Am getting response as

“Name” : NewLion
Here Name attribute we are single without any quotations due to this, HTTP activity responds NULL response in the output. Can you please take a look into this?

I expect output should be

“Name” : “NewLion” where NewLion value should extract from the excel.


Heyy @Aish

If you want those quotes to be appended, you can append those. Let me know if you need anything

Hello Ravi,
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