How can I read data from excel cells and use that to build my json structure

I have an excel sheet which has data and I need UIPath to pass few selective data into a JSON file. How is this possible?

I assume you know how to read your data from Excel.

1/ Make sure you import Newtonsoft.Json namespace

2/ Create variable of type Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject, e.g. objJson

3/ Initialize the variable using Assign activity
objJson = new JObject

4/ Add values from your Excel to the Json variable using Assign activity
objJson(“attribute1”) = “Attribute1Value”
objJson(“attribute2”) = “Attribute2Value”

5/ Save Json variable to file using “Write text file” activity

Resulting file:
“attribute1”: “Attribute1Value”,
“attribute2”: “Attribute2Value”



Thanks, this worked.
There is another possibility for json like this which needs to be constructed from the excel data

“id”: “someid”,

Any suggestions on how I could get this done using the data from excel please?

Like this:

objJson = New JObject(
New JProperty("id","someid"),
New JProperty("number","somenumber"),
New JProperty("data",
  New JObject(
     New JProperty("bio","somebio"),
	 New JProperty("operation","someoperation")

For more info look here:

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Thanks mate! :slight_smile: :100:

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