Creating nested folders in Sharepoint


I am looking for the most relevant way to create nested folders in Sharepoint

Here is how i am currently managing it, for example, if i want to create the following path :


I would do :


Then find the last created folder, create folder inside it the same way ^
and do the same thing for each folder of the path

Could you share with me what you think about this way / if you have another way ?


Hello @adext
Use for each loop with Split String


In for each 

Use your Flow and pass the CurrenItem Variable in the Find Folder, It will work as per your Flow.
After For each loop, you can get the FolderArchieve which has the Last created folder data.



  1. For loop with a list of folders you want to create
  2. Inside it use create folder
  3. After that use find files or folders to get the created folder and continue the loop


After you have created the first folder, you get a DriveItem as output. Use it to reference the folder when you create its child folder - no need for Find Files and Folders activity any more. Continue this way until the whole folder structure is created.