Creating custom ocr engine documentation

Hello, I am trying to create a custom OCR engine, but can’t find any documentation about how to do it.
The only thing I found is this - OCR contracts But there is no information on how to build and release the engine (For example how Abbyy did)

Where can I find any information about that or any examples?


Did you checked this post:

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Hello @MrLalatg,

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To build your own OCR engine, please have a look here: Document-Processing-Code-Samples/SimpleOCREngine.cs at master · UiPath/Document-Processing-Code-Samples · GitHub . This entire repo on Github contains a dummy OCR engine, a dummy extractor and a dummy classifier.

On the OCR side, all you would need to do (for the basic functionality) would be to define such a class that extends one of the abstract classes we have prepared in the contracts.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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