Implementing a custom OCR Engine

Hi. Anyone know how to implement a custom OCR Engine ? I just read a knowledge base article about creating a custom CodeActivity or NativeActivity and tried one, but not sure how to implement other activity like OCR Engine. Is there any example or Docs?

Hi there! Did you find some information? I’m looking the same information.

Nope. I gave up. :frowning:
I guess creating as a CustomActivity is the only way.
In that case, not only building your own engine, you have to re-invent existing ocr actities such as “Get OCR Text”, “Read PDF with OCR”, etc, etc embedded with your custom engine,
ScreenScraping Wizard with your custom engine. That’s a lot of work.

I know it has passed such a long period, but I am just wondering that have you found any solution regarding the custom OCR engine or received any idea from UiPath?

I guess they got no interest in such case.