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Can anyone suggest me to do

You can’t use UiPath or any other RPA tool for chatbot, there are tools available for creating chatbot like Kore.api etc… search in google.

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Why can’t he use Uipath to create a ChatBot? :slight_smile:

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Can you suggest to create a chat bot

To create a chatbot, you need to build the dialog flow. For that you need to look for services like IBM Watson, Google or other AI service available.
Once the dialog flow is build, you need to access the conversation service using a REST API. Now you can use UiPath here to call the REST API of the AI service based on the user’s input and display the AI service’s response.

To get an idea on creating a chatbot, you may check the below YouTube playlist. Not in UiPath though but you will get the idea.


As per my experience UiPath is such a tool which has no limitation and can be used for anything, but it is meant for RPA & vendor is not encouraging using UiPath for any other purpose. In fact I am using UiPath for test automation at my own risk. Hence it is better to use tools meant for developing Chatbot and there are tons of tools both free & paid. Using a tool which meant for Chatbot, you can create & launch a chatbot in a very short time. Hence my recommendation is not is not to use UiPath to develop Chatbots.

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We know that Uipath is not meant for that. But that’s not mean he can’t use Uipath to develop a ChatBot :slight_smile:


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you can able know more detail about it here



@skini76 Could you please throw some lights on how are you using UiPath as test automation tool? Some basic idea or overview of the design. I am just about start thinking on it…

Sorry for the delay

  1. Maintain all the test cases in excel, separate sheet for separate module, a master sheet - index of test cases (excel files) & module in the system (menu name)
  2. The test case file should have test data, actions, expected output etc…
  3. Read the master sheet, for every record there should be a test case file, open the module & execute test cases.
  4. Capture the results of each test case
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Thanks for your reply. Yes, my thought was also in the same line. Only difficulty I am finding to deal with is expected output. I am working with Oracle ERP or SAP ERP.
I will think upon it.

for expected output, you can read the message (may be from the alert windows) and string compare with the one which is saved in excel.