Creating an Object Repository out of an existing Xaml


For an enterprise that already has a matured development and deployment process, most likely, the most common use cases for the creation of an Object Repo, would be existing in XAMLs which are already part of existing projects.

Is there a way by which exiting xamls can be packaged into Object Repo, or does the Object Repo demands recreation of the entire flow and selector which already exists in the XAMLs

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Maybe following helps:
Section Ui-Libraries

I am afraid the second is true. To use Object Repo implies to switch project to Modern Design Experience and use only modern activities. This is quite different concept.

Maybe UiPath is planning some tool that would ease the transition from Classical to Modern.

Maybe @loginerror can advise.


So, I can very easily take a tested XAML and convert it into a Custom Activity, without introducing the requirement of Modern Design. This approach is especially helpful in large Enterprise deployments and won’t introduce a breaking change and that’s why I raised this question. Ui-Libraries also doesnt solve this purpose.

If I have to re-create Selectors and Flows and required to Modern Design, then it’s an entirely different load of Change Management and Operational handshake around it.

We are aware of the issue and we feel your pain, but unfortunately there is no easy solution to this. As you might have noticed, the Modern activities are quite different from the Classic ones, and not compatible with each other: in terms of the data that is stored, how targets are searched, how workflows are built, and so on.

So a one-to-one conversion is impossible, except on a very small subset of workflows. And even then, it wouldn’t take advantage of everything that the Modern UI Automation offers.

There might be some available options, we’ll evaluate some more.