Creating a User in Cloud Orchestrator by API

Hello everyone,
I’m having trouble granting access to the cloud orchestrator using the orchestrator API, I managed to create the user using the endpoint “/odata​/Users” but when login, I get the message that it is not assigned to any organization and when I check the list of users with access to the orchestrator the user is not listed and when I use the GET “/odata/Users” in the API the user appears as active.
Is it possible to create or invite a user using the Cloud Orchestrator API?

I recommend inspecting (with your browser Inspect tool) the Network tab Rest API requests while you are performing the needed actions from your Orchestrator UI. In this way, you will know exactly which are the correct endpoints and their payload requests.

I did this but I need the bearer token as authentication and the bearer generated through API authentication does not work in the same request used by the orchestrator UI

I think you are not following correctly the Rest API request calls.

To invite users, you need to use the Platform Management Rest API resources.

The access_token needs to be retrieved like this




The body

It worked perfectly, thank you very much @marian.platonov !!

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