Create a user with API service

Is there an API call to create users on orchestrator?

Hi @carlosptd,

Yes there is :slight_smile:
You can use POST:/odata/Users endpoint to create a new user.

For more details, please refer to the swagger documentation

https://{{your orchestrator instance}}/swagger/index.html#/

or (if you use community edition orchestrator) visit{{your username}}/{{your tenant name}}/swagger/ui/index

You’ll find whole DTO of the User class there (required fields and their description)

Little bonus:
-> log into your orchestrator
-> go to the user creation form
-> fill in the form but to not submit it
-> press ctrl+f12 (open console)
-> got to “network section” (a view that will show you outgoing HTTP Calls)
-> now press “ADD”

an HTTP Call will be sent to the API and you will be able to see all the parameters sent. You can take the whole request, replace values with your variables and use it for automated user provisioning.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: